Blogsite down, Website coming up!

2 03 2013

We’re temporarily closing our blog. Yep, Team KT’s been very, very busy with a lot of things lately (visit our Facebook address to see what’s up). BUT, our website URL will still be active. Feel free to browse our pages 🙂

The following open letter was published on our FB page:

The Kayumanggi Trails’ Open Letter to Our Blog Followers

Dear everyone,

Today, June 13, 2013, we officially close down our blog. While we know that this site has been of great help to netizens for research on alternative travel spots in the Philippine Islands, we now have this realization: BLOGGING CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH.

Blogging can only do so much to give the where’s, the how’s, the how much’s… but the why’s and the deeper discourses? These are left to float along cyberspace, trashed by the cyber-readers’ 3-minute attention span.

Team KT has realized that lessons are better learned on-field. Relationships are better sealed in real life. Sights and sounds are better appreciated with the wisdom of locals.

And travel guides… well, they are much more comprehensive when plucked from the spontaneous richness of the minds of people… who are living, breathing, and real. Certainly much better than reading out of a netbook.

So at this juncture, we urge you to come with us. Yes, reading is important, Yes, research is a must. But lo, behold, the wonders you have missed as you sat in front of your screen! Come with us, and learn, and see THE REAL KAYUMANGGI TRAILS.





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