Please go to our Facebook page, for event updates =)


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21 03 2010
cherry santos

Congratulations!! How is it possible to join your group??

21 03 2010
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Hello Cherry!

We have an active fan page at Facebook. Normally, we post our news and events there for real-time updates. And then another post goes here, for avid readers to see.

We encourage you to join our fan list to get regular updates. Who knows, you might even get to join us in one of our trips 😀

Thanks for reading!

3 07 2011
Norie Collado

i would like to join some of your trips in the future…looking forward to meet The Kayumanggi trails team…

3 07 2011
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Hi Norie, we’re glad you found your way to our website 😀

We wish to travel with our dear readers, too, so we’re planning some itineraries for the next long holidays (Christmas? Summer?)… we just hope Team KT gets enough free time for these, everyone’s super busy lately 😦

But we WILL find a way, and when it’s all fleshed out, we’ll post an announcement here, and the itinerary on our FB page. Feel free to check it out by then 🙂

10 01 2012
The Background Story

Sama kame sa next KT getaway! 🙂

10 01 2012
Carla Samantha Pulido Ocampo

Ongae! Kelangan nang masundan ito! 😀

9 11 2012

Hi, i am rocky from hongkong, loving hiking biking, is it possible to join your team?

9 11 2012
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Hello rocky!

You are very welcome! Please subscribe to our Facebook page to get real time updates re: our hike/bike/water trips.

You could also drop us a private message at, we’ll include you in our next e-mail blast for the next trip. Team KT is cooking something up for the first quarter of 2013 =)

See you on the trails, MABUHAY! 😀

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