Chasing the Sunrise: Mt. Pulag (first segment with the late Mr. Roger Guzman) [2010]

(stereo sound)

This is the full video of Living Asia Channel’s “Gone for the Weekend – Mount Pulag” episode, where a man fondly called “Mang Roger” made a short, smiling appearance.

The Kayumanggi Trails Team scaled Pulag on December 2009, and tapped Roger Guzman— the most-recommended and most-respected— as transport service agent.

Mang Roger was gunned down on the night of July 26, 2010.

This video is uploaded in memory of the Big Man of Pulag Roads. The Kayumanggi Trails and the whole Pulag community are united in condoling with Mang Roger’s family, and in seeking justice.


Mt. Pulag Year-end Climb Photo Collage [2010]

© 2010 Rap Rios & The Kayumanggi Trails


TEASER – Chasing the Sunrise: Mt. Pulag | Gone for the Weekend – Living Asia Channel [2010]

© 2010 The Kayumanggi Trails & Living Asia Channel – CCI Asia Group



videography | Mario Muan II

main photography | Lester Valle

additional photos | Arnold Ortil

post-production | Carla Ocampo, on Windows Movie Maker

SYNOPSIS: Snippets of the group’s Caramoan blast, in photos and video… reminding everyone that it’s (GI-HA-LO) and not (GWA-HI-LO) 😀


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