Meet the Team

Lester Valle is a travel photographer, documentary videographer and entrepreneur who fell in love with the outdoors, in the course of his stint as a geology student of a highly-regarded state university. Field works– and his usual bonding moments with fellow students at the Geology department–  took him to several peaks, caves, beaches and craters. Among all these beauty, as the Philippines is simply a treasure trove of natural wonders, Lester vowed to become an Outdoorsman himself. He has never looked back since then.

Carla Ocampo studied filmmaking in the same state university. She did freelance work  as a videographer, video editor and scriptwriter for a local travel channel. Her writing job took her to several different spots in the Philippines, north to south, of course to see first-hand all the details she has to rave (or rant) about. And, she’s not one to say no to all-expense-paid trips.

“Silent waters run deep,” is as cliche as it can go, and Wing Larase fits the bill without being a walking cliche himself. You only need to press the right buttons on this geologist-slash-photographer-slash-matinee idol to activate his Pokemon-ish side. Those long legs make him a fast hiker, mind you. Oh, and he does mean things with his DSLR. Bad finger, bad.

Geologist Yo Muan is an angel. He has a floating silver halo and wears a pair of white trousers with ruffles. With arms outstretched, he sings “Pag-ibig… ang s’yang pumukaw…” to one and all. When nobody’s looking, he transforms into the man called “Da Legend,” scaling mountains, blazing along bike trails, catching frisbees, drinking beer, and talking to dandelions on the side.

He’s no shy guy. Soft-spoken yet highly credible, educator and photographer Elton Chua is “The Manager”. He has this certain way of conversing with common folk, such that they’d be exchanging smiles and contact numbers in no time. But hey, that’s not flirting, just establishing connections. Elton is a walking directory of contacts. Local guides, accommodation, tourism officers, caterers… name it, he probably has it. And by the way, he loves puns and corny jokes. Expect a lot of sitcom moments.


A scientific-minded Scorpio who has mastered the art of Darling-ness… could be the strangest way to describe photographer Rap Rios, and the best way, too. Quite a wide reader, he’s the go-to guy when the beer talk goes dry and, uh, unintelligently boring. An avid fan of the outdoors, with an eclectic musical taste… he is — in his own words— “like, the skinniest guy around.”

G-Third Atanque is the type of guy who could be a dead-serious social commentator one minute and then showbizzy-gay the next. But don’t get us wrong; he’s actually a no-nonsense gentleman… an accomplished digital artist and— in equal measures— a well-rounded caver and biker. And Lover Boy to Miss Right. Ahay!

The community of outdoor enthusiasts in the Philippines might need no intros to Levi Nayahangan, but here we go. Lakai, the man behind revered outdoor apparel brand Lagalag and a member of the country’s Everest Team, embodies the word “explorer,” daring to go where few— or none!— would dare tread. A photo-documentarist and a proud Ifugao, KT describes him with one word: habulin. Digs?

Leonard Reyes is Hokbu, the sharp and sensitive lensman-cyclist behind the blog Padyak/Pitik (or, pedal/click). He’s a folk guitarist, singer and songwriter, and his day job includes producing visual documentaries— in stills or videos— for non-government agencies. Simply put, Hokbu lives and breathes the motto “Serve the people,” in art, and life. Yebah to that.


31 responses

27 04 2009
Yo Muan

anlupet nyo brader! itaguyod ang lahing lagalag! awoooo..

29 04 2009
Lester Valle

Matsala pare! Kelan ka uwi ng Pinas? Gala tayo men!

3 06 2009
Terry Gangcuangco

I’ve always admired (perhaps envied) creative individuals. Put them together (by love or otherwise) and what you get is an even more admirable collaborative effort. Good job!

3 06 2009
Carla O.

ahihi!!! salamats Aling Teray, pagbubutihin pa namin ito =)

3 06 2009
Terry Gangcuangco

Ale talaga? Ate lang non, ah.. Sige, pagbutihan. Basta uuwi at mag-ingat. =)

12 09 2009

can i join?my cel 09158818368

8 11 2009

“Needless to say, they also love each other.”

Ahihi… anlandi nyo talaga!

11 11 2009
Carla O.

Ahihi! :”>

2 01 2010

wow papa lester, ibang level ka na!! asteg ang blog na to.. asteg ang authors, asteg ang tema… galing ng panulat (i.e. Baler Virgins), asteg ang photography.. fan na ko =)

2 01 2010
Lester Valle

Salamat Mami Jobelle! Natutuwa kami at nagustuhan mo ang output namin sa blog na ito. Hindi rin magiging posible ito kung wala ang mga kaibigan natin na nagko-contribute din ng kanilang mga larawan, bidyo, at talento sa paglikha ng mga ito. Sana’y magpatuloy ito hanggang sa hnaharap at sana’y makamit natin ang layunin na maipamahagi ang mga mabubuting aral tungkol sa outdoors.

– Lester

10 01 2010


10 01 2010
Lester Valle

Fiyah fotografi!

Brad, salamat sa mga magagandang larawan. Pitiks laang!

– Lester

10 01 2010

Mabuhay kayo!!!

…pero…dahrlingness?? Hindi ako bading!! Hindi ako Bernadette!! Hindeh,huh huh hindeeeh..!

10 01 2010
Lester Valle

Wehehehehehe.. Tarush!


11 01 2010
Lester Valle

Brad, kahawig mo na si Jorge Estregan hehehe. Bleeehhhh!

18 05 2010

Good morning guys!

I am a marketing manager for a particular adventure shoe brand and i want to enter into talks with you guys about some opportunities that will become mutually benefit for us..

you can reach me through my email.

Maraming Salamat!

20 05 2010
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Hi Ryan,

Thank you very much. This is to say we are interested in your offer. I’ll forward your message to our marketing and finance department.

You can also reach us through

Yours truly,
Lester Valle

19 06 2010
carly simon

hello there,

guyz. why my brother not included in your team??? Elton chua??? I had a meeting with him yesterday because I have a group of chinese tourist every month and instead of putting up my own travel and tours.. i decided to link it with you guyz..knowing that my brother is part of your team.

anywayz, hope his photo would be there soon. I support your advocacy btw.


19 06 2010
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Hi, Carly!

We’re currently updating the blog, concentrating on the homepage. Because of this, we kinda left out the other pages. We apologize for this, though.

Try taking a peep again on Monday, we assure you Elton’s pogi face will be here now 😉

Meanwhile, you guys can also check out our Facebook fan page, that’s updated seven days a week. Elton’s there, listed as a member in our Core Group Album 🙂

We’re looking forward to meeting up with you guys. Mabuhay!

-Carla O.

8 12 2010
Lester Valle

UPDATED 😀 Cheers!

11 12 2010

Nice to meet you guys…fellow travel blog finalist 🙂

11 12 2010
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Hello Marky! It is heartwarming that we are shortlisted alongside fellow “makating paas” like you plus the rest of the finalists 🙂 Bigatin kayong lahat; nanliliit kami.

O siya, EB bukas sa awards night. Ciao comrade. Congratulations!


23 02 2011
marga madera

Hello there!

I just wanna say, I love your Blog about the Romblon province where i am from. Thank you.

When you do go back please let know and i want to show you a hidden quiet escape just in the coast line of the Town’s Capital -Punta Corazon about 10-15 minutes boatride proveded by the resort. Looking forward to your next visit!

Good luck on your travels!

23 02 2011
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Thanks, Ma’am Marga! We’ll send you our plans for a back-to-Romblon trip when we’ve ironed out our skeds. Anyway, we have your e-mail address right here 🙂

Plus, we still plan to go to Sibuyan for Guiting-Guiting. Maybe we can take a detour to your resort before or after the climb. You could send us a private message at to help us list your telephone number; we’d call you up for probable reservations.

Thanks for reading! 😀

13 07 2011

Dear Carla and Lester

In behalf of the people of Tinglayan, I am very thankful that you came in to Tinglayan last March 2011 so that our unknown Villages finally came out of the open world. I am sorry that you were not properly entertained because we so busy on the activities of the fiesta.

However we request your team to come here again and we will try to bring you to the must to go places.

once again, million thanks.


13 07 2011
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Wow, the pleasure is ours, Mayor Abay. We really learned a lot from your people, and it was one of The Kayumanggi Trails’ most unforgettable outings.

A million thanks, too, for taking care of us in more ways than one. We shall return, next time we’ll be bringing along our mountain bikes to enjoy the beauty of Tinglayan and the rest of Kalinga, in a slower pace 🙂

Regards to Manong Ruben Ganagan, and to your wonderful family!

14 07 2011
Lester Valle

Apo Mayor Abay,

Agyaman kami met kinyayo ken kadagiti amin nga taga-Tinglayan. Haan mi nga malipatan ti napintas la unay nga experience mi dita lugar yu. Para kinyayu ken kadagiti kakabsat tayu dita Kalinga daytoy inaramid mi nga article. We cannot thank you enough.

Agkikita tayun tu manen, hopefully this year. Adda pay utang mi nga pictures kinyayu.



24 02 2012
Sony Fugaban

Pwede na kayong gawan ng pelikula na ang titulo ay, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: LOCAL VERSION.

24 02 2012
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Nyahaha! Di naman brader, karaniwang mamamayan lamang kaming medyo adik sa galaan at may busilak na puso. Haha, loko lang 😀

See you on the trails!

1 05 2012
Lorraine Alunday-Ngao-i, Kalinga Tourism Operations Officer

Dear KT,

Hope you don’t mind if we borrowed some of your pictures in which we posted in our Official KALINGA Provincial Tourism Services Facebook Page. We are so grateful that you are promoting our Province. Thank You…

6 05 2012
The Kayumanggi Trails ™

Hi Ms. Lorraine!

The pleasure is ours! We don’t mind at all. Maraming salamat at nagustuhan ninyo ang mga kuha namin.

We look forward to working with you in the near future. Should you need our help, feel free to contact us 🙂

Muli, salamat!

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